Hotels, Tourism and Leisure

At BPV, we have in-depth knowledge of the Hotel, Tourism and Leisure sector and provide our clients with the highest quality legal services. We have lawyers specialising in all areas of practice, which allows us to organize teams quickly and efficiently, and to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of operations in the sector.

We are a multidisciplinary team that addresses and solves highly diverse problems through comprehensive advice: we offer our clients our proven experience in all areas of law: commercial, contractual, financial, tax, labour, regulatory, public, environmental, and procedural/arbitration law.

We provide global advice to owners, developers, operators, and investors related to tourist accommodation (holiday hotels, rural tourism, holiday complexes, etc.), urban accommodation (hotels, convention centres, etc.) and catering, as well as other activities, both main and complementary (tour operators, travel agencies, leisure companies, transport companies, etc.).

Related Services

  • Specialised corporate, tax and labour consultancy for the tourism sector.
  • Advice on the acquisition and sale of tourism assets.
  • Negotiation and implementation of hotel chain contracts: management, franchise or rental and tourism.
  • Advice on the design of corporate and tax structures for expansion projects in tourism.
  • Drafting and processing of planning instruments for the change of use of buildings in order to allow for their use in tourism. Processing municipal and regional licenses for tourism.
  • Design of corporate financing plans for sound business development.
  • Legal advice for the purchase or sale, leasing, acquisition of companies and other similar operations such as the construction of sports and leisure facilities.
  • Legal advice on tourism regulations in other countries in order to design an appropriate fiscal and legal plan for the processing and obtaining of permits and licenses necessary for the opening of the business abroad.

Hotels, Tourism and Leisure specialists