Family-Run Businesses

Our firm has specialist lawyers in different practice areas with sound foundations in the law. This allows us to find legal solutions for family-run businesses throughout their evolution, whatever their sector of activity, generational stage in which they presently are, or the formal structure of the business. We set up companies, designing the family and business strategy with a process of professionalization for the management and organisation.

We ensure the consolidation of companies of this type in the market and collaborate in the possible expansion of the family-run business with an individualised analysis of the threats and strengths of the business group in the market in which it operates.

We count among our clients a large number of entrepreneurial families who have entrusted us with responsibility for their legal assistance, not only with regard to their own business, but also to the structuring of the family's relations with the company and within the family. By providing this comprehensive service, our lawyers have contributed to the expansion and consolidation of many family businesses.

We offer comprehensive advice with a multidisciplinary approach so that our clients can benefit from proven experience in all areas of law: commercial-contractual, financial, tax, labour, regulatory, public and procedural/arbitration.

Related Services

  • Advice on the negotiation, drafting and implementation of family protocols or partnership agreements.
  • Advice on adapting the articles of association to the needs of the family or the family protocol and drafting regulations for the board of directors or the family council.
  • Advice on the reorganisation of family assets, from tax planning to the formalisation of the documents required for this purpose.
  • Advice on estate succession planning, preparation of wills and inheritance agreements, formalization of donations, exchanges, and purchases or sales.
  • Advice on drawing up matrimonial or partnership arrangements for members of the business family.
  • Legal advice on corporate restructuring within family business groups.
  • Tax planning for family business and members.
  • Advice on the planning, study and negotiation of purchase and sale operations, mergers or spin-offs of companies belonging to the family business, either within the family itself or in relation to other families, companies, managers, or institutional investors.
  • Study and implementation of remuneration formulas for members of family businesses.
  • Drawing up employment contracts specially designed for family businesses.

Family-Run Businesses specialists