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The characteristic of tax regulations is that they become increasingly complex every year. At BPV we have a team of tax lawyers who stand out for their technical ability and versatility.

Our tax team provides tax advice to trading companies, family groups, large corporations, investment funds and shareholders, on general taxation, property, financial and international taxation, and transfer pricing, restructuring operations, asset and family business management and indirect taxation.

We collaborate in the design of the tax policies of companies, groups of companies, start-ups and investment funds. We also advise on the accreditation of deductions for R&D&I, as well as advising non-profit-making entities.

We design good corporate governance policies and codes of good tax practices and we also advise about transfer pricing policies and related-party transactions.

We have a team specialising in tax management and inspection procedures and in the resolution of disputes in administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.

In addition, we advise our international clients on national and international tax matters and assist them in their international investments with comprehensive advice on tax matters.

Related Services

  • Tax planning of national and international corporate restructuring operations.
  • Advice on Due Diligence processes.
  • Tax advice on direct and indirect taxation in Spain (Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax and VAT).
  • Tax optimisation of Spanish investments abroad.
  • Design, preparation and execution of mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities and non-cash contributions.
  • Advice on tax aspects of transactions and financing contracts, capital-market transactions and structured finance transactions.
  • Executive Remuneration Planning.

  • Attendance at tax inspections.
  • Attendance before the tax-collecting bodies for the processing of instalments and deferrals of tax debt.
  • Consultations before the Directorate General of Taxes.
  • Administrative, economic-administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.

  • Design and review of transfer pricing policies and related-party transactions in accordance with the principle of free competition.
  • Advising on operational restructuring operations,  cost-sharing agreements and service contracts.
  • Negotiation with the tax authorities of agreements prior to assessment.
  • Attendance at out-of-court proceedings related to transfer pricing adjustments.

  • Tax planning to optimise taxation at individual level (Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax).
  • Tax advice on inheritances and donations.
  • Tax planning for the application of tax benefits of family businesses in Wealth Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Tax advice for foreign individuals with assets abroad who move to Spain.

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