Start-Ups, Technology and Innovation

Innovation is in our blood, and this is why BPV is committed to technology. We have recognised experience, nationally and internationally, in advising entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Venture Capital and other players in the ecosystem.

This department, with the best experts in the sector, provides the agents of the start-up ecosystem with high-level legal advice right from its beginnings.

We provide individual advice tailored to each newly created organization, attending to its needs and, depending on its stage of growth, enabling its entrepreneurs to make the important decisions that are appropriate for the business and adapted to it.

Our highly specialised team tailors our offer to each client, providing solutions to meet the legal and regulatory challenges arising from digitalization and new technologies.

We have a multidisciplinary profile, but above all, a technological one, so we can advise on disruptive technologies, Blockchain, crypto assets, NFTs and other emerging sectors such as eSports.

Talent, experience and proximity are the values that best define us, and they always accompany us in the provision of our services.

Related Services

  • Comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Accelerators, Venture Builders and other players in the ecosystem.
  • Legal support in the validation of the legal structure of innovative projects. Extensive experience in Fintech, Proptech and Blockchain sectors, among others.
  • National and international M&A transactions. Experience in mergers, acquisitions, sale and purchase of technological start-ups abroad.
  • National and international funding rounds, from the initial phases to Series A, B, etc.
  • Strategic support for venture capital and private investors in the acquisition of stakes in start-ups and/or in divestment operations of their portfolio of investees.
  • Advice on the input of Venture Debt funds, financing by means of convertible debt and equity crowdfunding operations.
  • The drafting of term sheets, investment agreements, partner agreements, and control of the operation until it is closed and signed.
  • Negotiation of the terms and conditions of the employment/commercial contracts of the entrepreneurial partners with the investors.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Secretariat of Board of Directors.
  • Internationalisation of start-ups with a global and multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Technological agreements, software licences, technology transfer agreements and creation of spin-offs.
  • Tax aspects of innovation.
  • Protection and exploitation of innovation. Intellectual and industrial property.
  • Incentive plans to build loyalty and retain talent based on remuneration models based on share capital (stock options) or not (phantom shares).
  • Processing of personal data.
  • Due Diligence as a complementary part of M&A transactions and funding rounds.
  • We collaborate in projects to develop solutions based on Blockchain technology (use of Smart Contracts, token issues such as ICO or STO, sovereign digital identity projects, tokenisation of assets, etc.).
  • Advice on the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).
  • Advice on matters related to cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.
  • Legal advice in the area of eSports (drafting of contracts with eSports players and teams, incorporation of companies dedicated to the sector).
  • Assistance with legal consultations and reports related to the eSports sector.

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