Real state

At BPV, we have an in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector and its operators, which allows us to foresee the possible risks and complications of projects and provide effective solutions through innovative legal strategies.

We advise domestic and international clients, multinationals, companies and institutions, developers, real estate investment funds, family offices and individuals in the real estate sector.

Our Real Estate team specialises in advising on real estate projects of all types at all stages of the real estate project, from structuring the investment, financing, vehicles, acquisition, development, financing, leasing and divestment.

We have the resources and multidisciplinary knowledge that allow us to advise and assist our clients in all the possible aspects related to their real estate affairs, whether in tax, contractual, administrative, financial, and corporate matters, or urban and environmental development.

Related Services

  • Purchases, sales and corporate contributions of credit or real estate portfolios.
  • Purchase and sale via asset deal or share deal and leasing of all types of unique assets (residential, commercial, hotel, industrial, logistics, offices, and land).
  • Real estate financing.
  • Development, construction, and turnkey contracts.
  • Joint ventures for the development of real estate projects.
  • Real estate taxation.
  • Litigation and arbitration in real estate matters.
  • Expropriation proceedings.
  • Sectorial regulations.
  • Drafting of land planning and execution instruments, urban management and regulations.
  • Patrimonial liability.

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