M&A and Commercial Law

Thanks to our long history as corporate lawyers, at BPV we have a large group of experts in M&A and Corporate Law. This experience is consolidated not only from the point of view of legal advice, but also as a result of their experience in the secretariats of the Boards of Directors of various companies.

Our team of professionals specialising in M&A and Corporate Law provides comprehensive legal advice on national and international transactions for companies, start-ups, groups of consolidated companies and investment funds from all sectors.

We also have a team of experts in the negotiation, drafting, interpretation and implementation of all types of commercial agreements.

Our practice includes legal advice on corporate restructurings, due diligence processes, corporate structure planning, investment and divestment transactions, the drafting of contracts and the review of clauses, business collaboration agreements and transactions in search of financing.

At BPV we offer innovative, tailor-made solutions, adapting ourselves both to the needs of each client and to the particularities of each project in order to successfully complete the transaction.

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We provide comprehensive advice on corporate law, including recurrent accompaniment in the search for solutions to all the legal needs that may arise in the day-to-day running of a company:

  • Operation of the Board of Directors and its internal Committees.
  • Legal advisor to the company.
  • Board Secretariat.
  • Remuneration of directors.
  • Review and updating of internal rules (Bylaws, Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations and Board Regulations).
  • Preparation and development of General Meetings and management of shareholders' rights.
  • Legal position of Directors and senior executives.
  • Processes of self-evaluation and external evaluation of the Board, the Committees and the Directors.
  • Strategic and legal advice on corporate transactions.
  • Legal Reports, Opinions and Legal Opinions.
  • Design and preparation of family protocols.

The expertise of our professionals also enables us to offer the appropriate service to our clients in the negotiation and implementation of all types of trade agreements:

  • Sale, agency, manufacture, distribution, supply, deposit, licence, franchise, provision of services, licensing of intellectual and industrial property rights, etc.
  • General Terms and Conditions.
  • We draft, negotiate and implement joint venture agreements and strategic alliances using the ideal vehicle for each case, thus assisting in the completion of numerous business processes.
  • Financial contracts (syndicated loans, equity loans, ordinary loans, etc.).

We lead all types of acquisition, merger or spin-off processes in all types of transactions with both private and public companies. We analyse and design a plan for the structuring of due diligence operations and participate in the drafting of contracts or in the transfer of assets or shares, corporate transactions and structural modifications and the financing of acquisitions, among others.

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