Intellectual Property and Data Protection

Our team of lawyers is distinguished by its close relationship to the client which is grounded in our extensive experience and deep understanding of the technical, practical, and commercial issues involved, as well as our high proficiency the regulatory environment, and alignment with our clients' strategic requirements and long-term considerations.

We have recognised expertise at both the contractual and litigation levels and provide innovative solutions for our clients. We are active in all technology sectors and have extensive knowledge of the industry sectors in which our clients are present.

We advise on all manner of technology agreements, such as software licensing, IT projects and outsourcing, and we have extensive experience in advising companies operating on the Internet, advising on the drafting of contracts, and ensuring compliance with the extensive regulations applicable to the sector.

We also offer optimal solutions to protect diverse types of works and services covered by intellectual property law, such as the plastic arts, literary, dramatic, musical, and audio-visual works, computer programs, videogames, and databases, drafting and negotiating copyright contracts and other ancillary contracts.

Related Services

  • Pre-litigation advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts on the transfer and licensing of rights.
  • Complex litigation on the infringement and revocation of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, plant varieties, unfair competition and advertising, and the protection of image rights.
  • Defence against collective claims on matters regarding general terms and conditions.
  • We also offer a comprehensive service in this field and have a team of lawyers who are experts in data protection and privacy policies, with extensive experience advising companies and professionals on all legal aspects related to the protection of personal data and e-commerce.

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