Global Mobility

The notable portfolio of multinational clients with a presence in Asia and the United States of BPV Abogados and our historical specialization in venture capital companies and Start-ups has resulted in the creation of BPV Global Mobility, a department integrated by professionals experts in international taxation, immigration law, labor law and social security.

Our Global Mobility department knows well the challenges of international mobility in all its aspects and is here to provide you with the necessary support under the highest standards of quality and professional ethics

The practice of BPV Global Mobility includes advice on international taxation, immigration law, labor law and social security, implementation of international mobility policies, incorporation of companies all over the world, international payroll and more.

BPV Global Mobility offers a comprehensive advisory service to companies and people with relevant multinational activity around the world thanks to our network of trusted partners.

Our 360x2 advisory services include a global advise both in the country of origin and in the country of destination. That allows us to accompany our clients and operate as the only interlocutor around the world, always under the warranty seal of excellence of BPV Abogados.

Related Services

  • Immigration advice and visa processing all over the world.
  • Digital Nomad Visa in Spain
  • Authorization for studies or invistigation in Spain
  • Entrepreneur visa
  • Visa for highly qualified professionals
  • Residence authorization for intra-company transfer
  • Application and processing of EU national Card
  • Non-resident tax ID (NIE)
  • Application for ID + Passport
  • Any additional procedure related to obtaining a residence and/or work permit all over the world.

  • Obtention of Non-Resident NIE
  • Incorporation of a Spanish company
  • Opening of a bank account in Spain
  • Tax payment, registration etc. related to the purchases and sales of real estate properties
  • Business plan
  • International tax planning (company and/or natural person)
  • Application and processing of investor and family residence permits
  • Application and processing of non-lucrative residence
  • Spanish Nationality

  • National or international tax analysis and planning for individuals and legal entities
  • Tax equalization
  • Analysis of fiscal optimization mechanisms (7 p), excess regime, impatriate regime, allowances, etc.
  • Application for Special Tax Regme in Spain (Beckham Law)
  • Tax orientation interview (entry/exit)
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns (Personal Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Non-tax residents, Residents under the Special Tax Regime “Beckham Law”)

  • International mobility and teleworking policies
  • Compensation and benefits advice (inbound and outbound)
  • Country report 360 x 2
  • International teleworking analysis
  • International and national Social Security advice
  • International and national Labour Law
  • Shadow payroll and calculation of monthly withholdings
  • General payroll
  • Representation
  • International Payroll
  • Planning and processing of work permits all over the world.
  • Registration of Representative Office
  • Registration of Permanent Establishment.
  • Constitution of company.
  • Legal assitance in Spain
  • Obtention of Digital Certificate

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