Department of Criminal Law

We provide advice, prosecution and defence services in all matters related to criminal law in economic and business activities.

We advise on criminal proceedings for offences against public finances and money laundering, fraud and insolvency offences, corporate offences and offences related to corruption, intellectual and industrial property, and trade secrets.

We also assist our clients in criminal proceedings, either for the defence, or on behalf of the claimant before all types of Courts and Tribunals.

The activities conducted by the Department of Criminal Law are oriented not only to seeking redress or in providing criminal defence before Courts and Tribunals, but also to providing preventive advice, in the implementation, updating and revision of measures for crime prevention adapted to the activity in question and the level of risk to which the entity is exposed.

Related Services

  • Criminal Prevention or Compliance Programmes, providing comprehensive advice in this area, from the development of organizational and management models for the prevention of criminal risks, to the development of specific internal control systems, training of management or employees or advice to the supervisory body.
  • Defence in criminal proceedings, especially those related to business activities.
  • Fraud: unfair practices, unfair administration, misappropriation.
  • Corporate offences.
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy crimes.
  • Fiscal and accounting matters.
  • Money laundering.
  • Offences against workers' rights.
  • Environmental and urban zoning infractions.
  • Public and corporate corruption.
  • Industrial property and copyright.
  • Computer law.
  • Offences against the market and consumers.
  • Defence of honour, privacy, or image.
  • Representation of foreign citizens before Spanish courts.
  • Extradition proceedings.

Current Services