Department of Consumer Law

BPV is a leading firm in advising companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups, in any sector, in the field of consumer law.

We aim to address the immediate needs of entrepreneurs in order to help them promote measures that boost consumer confidence and stimulate the economy for the benefit of their businesses.

In recent times there have been major challenges affecting the availability and accessibility of products and services offered in the European common market and ensuring that consumer rights are protected, despite traditional and emerging challenges.

In this environment, it is necessary to ensure effective protection of consumer interests by supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, whatever their industry, to adopt a holistic approach that encompasses and complies with the various consumer policies of the European Union.

We provide specialised legal advice for a fast and efficient response to all these priorities, as well as an adequate implementation and enforcement of the legal framework in the field of consumer law.

Related Services

Audit Service regarding any aspect related to Consumer Law, with the aim of evaluating and assessing the current status of the employer and consumers’ relationship, including any type of service that is provided, physically or through electronic procurement, with proposals for improvement.

Study and adaptation of procurement systems, including electronic procurement. Analysis of information prior to the conclusion of the contract, offer and post-contractual information with consumers. Control of general and particular conditions of the documents corresponding to the contracting, applying transparency controls (in their formal and material aspects), and checking compliance with the regulations and jurisprudence applicable to the specific contracts.

Consumer compliance is a tool for guaranteeing regulatory compliance in all the company's actions with third parties and standards of conduct that ensure that the company does not suffer reputational damage. The services that can include the Compliance in consumer matters are:

  • Creation and development of corporate policy for the protection of consumer rights.
  • Creation and development of programmes and implementation manuals to prevent infractions in the area of consumption.

This service includes legal advice in relation to any claim made in consumer matters, either by consumers or by Consumer Authorities, either in or out of court. It also includes the processing of any legal, mediation or arbitration proceedings against the company through administrative or civil procedure up to their final solution.

This service includes the analysis and review of the company's web content related to consumer law. It also includes the review of the contents of the platform with which it operates, highlighting the weak and/or risky aspects, as well areas for improvement and proposal of enhancements.

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